A nearly 30-year attorney with a passion for service, Cynthia Dooley is the newest addition to the roster of Brousseau Naftis & Massingill’s practitioners. Her practice focuses on resolving wills, trusts, estates and probate issues for her clients.

“Even though Cynthia is our ‘new’ attorney, she’s not new to us,” said Matthew Naftis. “She has worked with our firm in the past, and we’re thrilled that she has decided to re-join us so that we can continue to help our clients foster peace and security at home and in their businesses.”

Cynthia Dooley
Cynthia Dooley

To that end, Ms. Dooley’s guiding principle is “keep your eyes on the prize,” and she has found that for most people the prize is universal: a peaceful, financially secure life in the company of loved ones. With that in mind, she represents and counsels clients to set them up for the prize in the short- and long-term.

One case that stands out to her involved a resident of Los Angeles who was stuck in a dispute regarding an inherited 50% share of a home in Dallas. The inheritor of the other 50% lived in the house and refused to sell it or buy out the other owner. To complicate matters, there was no known proof of her client’s title.

Eventually, Ms. Dooley found an old affidavit of heirship in the Dallas County Deed Records, and, during the lawsuit discovery process, the Dallas resident admitted to the 50% interest owned by Ms. Dooley’s client. Ultimately, the house was put on the market, and Ms. Dooley made sure the sale closed and her client received the agreed amount. The two remain great friends to this day.

A lifelong Texan, Ms. Dooley was born on Galveston Island, moved to Tarrant County, and has lived in Dallas for the last three decades. She is also an alumna of Texas schools, having attended Rice for her undergraduate degree and The University of Texas School of Law, where she earned her J.D. She is a member of the State Bar of Texas, the Dallas Bar Association, and the Dallas Volunteer Attorney Program, where she met her Los Angeles client.

Apart from her legal work with the Dallas Volunteer Attorney Program, Ms. Dooley volunteers extensively with Faith Presbyterian Hospice, where most recently, she served as a scribe at their drive-through COVID-19 vaccination clinics.